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REVIDERM: success story for your skin


Revita Biomedical Supply GmbH established by Dr. Klaus Laeschke

On founding Revita Biomedical Supply GmbH in 1986, Dr. Klaus Laeschke was primarily motivated by the desire to find out how to keep skin young and healthy for as long as possible. The skin specialist transferred medical findings to cosmetics, leading to the birth of dermocosmetics.


Dominik Bauermeister becomes active CEO

Dominik Bauermeister joins the company as active CEO and extends its sales channels to include beauty institutes. In the same year, the REVIDERM brand name is created as a combination of REVI-talize and DERM-a (Greek for skin).


REVIDERM introduces the active anti-aging ingredient OPC

REVIDERM begins to work with a French company that discovers a valuable active ingredient called OPC. The precious grape seed extract is one of the best known antioxidants worldwide. In addition to protecting against allergies and reducing inflammation, it has been proven to firm the skin.


Pioneer in microdermabrasion

Beauty institutes start offering microdermabrasion, a particularly gentle and yet deeply effective mechanical peeling treatment. This milestone is made possible by an instrument developed by REVIDERM.




REVIDERM SkinPeeler used by Estée Lauder



The global corporation Estée Lauder equips its spas in the USA with the latest version of REVIDERM's microdermabrasion instrument, the SkinPeeler professional.




Company renamed REVIDERM AG



Revita Biomedical Supply GmbH changes its name to REVIDERM AG. The company is now headquartered in Oberhaching near Munich, Germany. Offices are subsequently opened in Austria and Switzerland in 2004/2005.




Foundation of the REVIDERM academy


The REVIDERM academy is born. The academy conducts professional training seminars to share REVIDERM's expert knowledge in dermocosmetics with beauty institutes and skin specialists – with the aim of ensuring outstanding treatment results. In this year, REVIDERM also extends its product portfolio to include decorative cosmetics produced by the Horst Kirchberger brand.




Launch of groundbreaking new products



One launch is followed by another, as REVIDERM markets both the SkinAlyzermed7 and the premium skindesign 4D anti-aging skincare line with highly effective essences. The skintelligence product line is redesigned.




Award introduced to honor beauty care of the highest quality

REVIDERM launches its Best in Medical Beauty award. The quality seal is awarded annually to beauty institutes and skin specialists that regularly undertake training and achieve outstanding treatment results.




Beauty from the inside: Launch of SKINSIDE



True beauty comes from within – in 2012, REVIDERM launches the SKINSIDE dietary supplement range. This product also contributes to the company's comprehensive treatment methods.




Launch of the REVIDERM skinmedics single-brand stores

REVIDERM develops a concept for its own single-brand stores – the REVIDERM skinmedics network of institutes is born. The specialist certified institutes share the brand's values and stringent quality standards as well as pass on REVIDERM's expert knowledge to their clients.




cellJET: Revolutionary ultrasound technology for your skin



With cellJET, REVIDERM is writing cosmetic history. The treatment draws on high-frequency ultrasound technology and the handpiece is used by clients at home to provide outstanding medical skincare from the comfort of their own bathroom.

In cooperation with international Make-up Artist Giovanni Fasiello the Skincare Inspired Make-up is totally renewed and launched.




REVIDERM Skincare Inspired Make-up s

REVIDERM launches its first Make-up-series, developed by Make-up Artist Director Giovanni Fasiello. Valuable minerals and selected ingridients lead to a make-up so pure and nurturing, it can even be used on sensitive skin and after treatments such as microdermabrasion without any problems.


REVIDERM introduces the revolutionary SkinNeedler



During the Beauty Forum exhibition in Munich REVIDERM introduces the SkinNeedler. Duwe to the exklusively created pen with the Precision Liner Micro-Needling becomes more precise, more gentle aand more effective.


2016 - 2030

REVIDERM steps into a bright future

REVIDERM  renews itself, by focussing on its most powerful potencials. The company relies on highly effective ingredients in the cosmetic care and establishes market standards in beauty treatment. A consistent focus on the market and focusing on the needs of customers are distinguished from REVIDERM more than ever. REVIDERM's brand philosophy is based upon problem solving, not upon product supplier.