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REVIDERM cellucur – a powerful product range for sensitive ski

Highly effective skincare range underpinned by dermatological and pharmaceutical knowledge

The cellucur cosmeceuticals product line combines dermatological cosmetics knowledge (COSMEtics) with medical findings (pharmaCEUTICALS) – to create a customized skincare plan that achieves outstanding results. 

Whether you suffer from feelings of tightness, allergic reactions, redness or cracked skin, the REVIDERM cellucur cosmeceuticals skincare range supports the regeneration of your skin. Use it to restore balance to stressed skin.

Therapy for flawless skin – treatment and skincare plans precisely tailored to you

Following an in-depth analysis of your skin, our dermatological specialists establish exactly what kind of care you need. This enables us to match our treatment methods and active ingredients perfectly to your skin:

Particularly mild and well-tolerated: The REVIDERM cellucur cosmeceuticals range uses skin-identical ingredients. Our products are free from additives that could irritate your skin or cause allergies.

In-depth penetration: Microdermabrasion, a gentle, intensive peeling treatment with microcrystals, ensures that our skincare products penetrate deep into your skin, where they activate and boost your skin's own protective mechanisms – for a fresh, radiant and healthy complexion.

Proven success: Regardless of whether you have stressed, irritated, impure or dry skin, the active ingredients are measured and concentrated in such a way as to ensure your skincare goals are met.

Say goodbye to sensitive, stressed skin by discovering the therapeutic care offered by REVIDERM cellucur cosmeceuticals!

The skincare range is ideal for treating

  • scars
  • ifuse redness and tele angiectasias
  • sun-damaged skin
  • impurities
  • stretch marks and
  • cellulite.