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REVIDERM SkinPeeler – a gentle yet intensive peeling treatment for smooth skin

Let your skin glow with microdermabrasion. Don't be put off by the medical term – microdermabrasion actually refers to an efficient, intensive peeling treatment using microcrystals. It is completely painless and visibly refines your pores for silky smooth skin.

The deep-acting yet particularly gentle technique can be used to successfully treat:

  • sun-damaged and aging skin,
  • calloused skin,
  • pigmentation problems,
  • impurities and
  • scars.

It's the perfect process for restoring balance to stressed skin.

Microdermabrasion using our SkinPeeler – skincare for immediately visible results

As a pioneer in microdermabrasion, REVIDERM has perfected the procedure and developed a state-of-the-art instrument known as the SkinPeeler.

The handpiece helps your beautician make your skin healthier and more beautiful in just a few steps:

Refined complexion: The SkinPeeler removes dead skin cells using a gentle and controlled action. During the treatment, microcrystals flow onto your skin at high speed before being removed by a vacuum device. This frees your skin from dead cells and allows it to breathe again.

Effective skincare: After microdermabrasion, your skin is fully prepared to absorb the active ingredients found in REVIDERM's dermo-cosmetic products deep into its lowest layers. These ingredients stimulate your tissues to produce collagen and elastin, enabling your skin to practically regenerate itself.

Proven success: Immediately after the treatment, your skin feels considerably firmer, smoother and more refined. Wrinkles are softened for a younger and fresher appearance.

Enzymes split the dead skin cells and prepare the skin for the coming Microdermabrasion..

The Microdermabrasion removes smoothly and safely the horny cell leading to a smooth and gentle surface.

Individually tailored ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin to exert their maximum effect.

At REVIDERM, sophisticated skincare comes together with personal consultations. Our skin specialists tailor our microdermabrasion technique anddermo-cosmetic products perfectly to your personal skin type.

Free your skin with REVIDERM's SkinPeeler by using our store finder to locate beauty institutes and dermatologists in your area!

Wie fühlt sich die Mikrodermabrasion mit dem REVIDERM SkinPeeler an?

Folgen Sie dem Erfahrungsbericht von Marina Jagemann, Journalistin & Anti-Aging Expertin.


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