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Computer-aided skincare analysis that measures your treatment results

Get your comprehensive skincare plan off to a flying start with REVIDERM's SkinAlyzermed7, which finds out exactly what your skin needs and how you can improve its condition with lasting success. To do so, the computer-aided skin analysis device examines and records every part of your skin. Its camera displays all anomalies in color photos, highlighting which parts of your skin could be made healthier and more beautiful.

Taking these results as a starting point, we create a treatment and skincare plan that is perfectly tailored to your skin. In this way, we ensure that our dermo-cosmetic based skincare range achieves the ideal outcomes for you.

You can use the SkinAlyzermed7 to find out your skin's condition at any time. The computer-aided skin analysis instrument registers even the smallest of changes, so that you can see exactly how your skin improves with each and every treatment for measurable and verifiable results.

Use the SkinAlyzermed7 to analyse the seven signs that indicate the condition of your skin:

Elasticity: The computer-aided skin analysis instrument measures the biological age of your skin and records the performance of anti-aging treatments.

Melanin/redness: This handpiece determines your skin's phototype (how sensitive it is to sunlight) and recommends the ideal sun protection factor to use.

Moisture: The SkinAlyzermed7 provides information on the tension of your skin and its protective barrier.

Skin Type: The camera camera shows whether your skin is oily, dry or normal. 

Pores: Your beautician can see exactly how your complexion has been improved and refined.

Pigment spots: The camera records changes to the number and size of the anomalies in your skin.

Wrinkles: The instrument provides information on the number of wrinkles you have and their size, enabling you to determine your skincare objectives and treatment requirements.